The World Psychological Association is a community of professional psychologists and psychotherapists who seek to improve their skills and increase public knowledge of such important and necessary specialists.

We were founded in 2015 and we help young psychologists to find themselves in the profession, experienced members of the WPA to share their knowledge. In addition, our tasks include holding conferences and forums, producing informative articles and publishing on the internet.

A separate area of WPA workers is charity. We cooperate with hospitals, other medical organizations (hospices, oncology centers, mental hospitals, hospitals, nursing homes), where we try to help people to make their lives much better.

Often the help of a psychologist is also required by the doctors themselves. For this purpose, we regularly conduct visits and invite colleagues to our office.

WPA goals

Unification of psychologists into a professional community

To expand knowledge about psychology in society, to make it accessible and understandable for the people of Russia.

Supporting career growth and professional development of psychologists.

Speak on behalf of professional psychologists in an effort to protect and promote their interests.

Protect and develop the psychology science

Establishment and maintenance of high standards in scientific and practical work of psychologists.