The V Russian WPA Conference (January 30 – February 1, 2002) has already set drastically different tasks. The search for new, more dynamic and effective forms of work was conducted. The introduction of a new form of plenary discussions into the conference programme was motivated by the desire to include the whole audience in the discussion of “hot spots”.

On June 25-28, 2003 the III Congress of the WPA was held. The main expectations of the III WPA Congress – the first in the new century – are further professionalization of the Russian psychological community. The solution of this problem is seen not only on the way to the implementation of an extensive and profound scientific program (with the participation of an unprecedented number of professional psychologists from Russia, the Near and Far Abroad), but also in the creation of appropriate expert institutions of the community (expert council, mechanisms for the implementation of procedures for public examination and certification of professional activity of psychologists, etc.).

The IV Congress of the WPA was held on September 18-21, 2007. The organizers of the IV Congress of the Russian Psychological Society “Psychology – the Future of Russia” were the World Psychological Association, the Southern Federal University with the support of the South Russian Tolerance Development Fund. More than a thousand psychologists from 28 regions of Russia and neighboring countries took part in the work of the Congress. The program of the congress included 16 areas, about 100 symposiums and round tables, where current issues of psychological theory and practice were discussed. Master-classes were held by the leading specialists. The Exhibition of Achievements of Practical Psychology took one of the central places in the work of the Congress. The plenary session summarized the results of the contest “Innovative psychological technologies in the new century” announced in spring. The first WPA Youth School was also held as part of the congress.

The WPA currently has about 5,000 members. The WPA has 62 regional branches and 16 scientific sections.

In conclusion, let us quote A.V. Brushlinsky: “Psychological society successfully continues its work despite the difficulties external and internal. It is well received by the Psychological Society of the USSR, the first congress of which was held in 1959. Such continuity in every way guarantees the development of our science. The XX century was the century of physics, the end of XX – beginning of XXI became the century of biology. Obviously, time will come and there will be the century of the most important, great science – psychology, because it reveals, studies, helps the development of a human. We will continue to work in this Society, and further promote and help the development of psychological science. And when the century of psychology comes, we will remember the contribution that our Society made to the development of psychology.